Exams fever the worst fever for a human being like me.

Today I got my first semester exams date. They are starting from 27th feb 2007. After a long time I am giving exams. So this exam fever is killing me. I am not so use to this fever in the past 1 or so year.
The fever has increased due to the boring subjects I have in my course. And most horrible of them is Discrete Mathematical Structures. The worst subject I have ever read. I haven’t studied in the whole semester, attended only 3 classess in college for this subject during the semester and now when I open the book nothing goes in mind. Predicate logic it’s formula, normal forms etc. etc. so fucking bore.
God knows what will happen in this exams. Well I am not preparing that hard so I don’t expect much but I need to pass.
Will comeback soon with alot of new discoveries I have done in the field of computer science (lol).

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  • pss
    April 23rd, 2007 at 7:34 AM

    Never Fear fever exams chin

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