Random musings from city of nizams

These days I am living in hyderabad which is famous for briyani and haleem. The city is very lively with crowd everywhere I go. Few things I would like to talk about this great city which I have found out.

1. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian this is the place to be. This city has to offer variety of chicken and mutton and it is not costly either.

2. Briyani lovers, please go to paradise hotel. It’s like the makka madena of briyani. I have been there only once with my friends but would love to go again.

3. The place where I live is close to the famous hi-tech city. This hi-tech city is the area where you will see huge buildings some of them having nice arch. too. It is full of dynamic youth which are not at all driven by passion or enthusiasm but auto rickshaw drivers who run their auto’s in sharing mode. Even I am a regular customer of these sharing autos where you have to sit in front with the driver if there are ladies.

4. Description of this city will be in-complete without discussing my work place. The best place to be. It’s even better from my room because I don’t get power cuts there. It has a green landscape with small water falls, awesome food courts, big and nice buildings. We have in the employee care center everything. We got bank, gym, more store, indigo nation showroom, table tennis, carrum, snooker, dance class, tennis court, basketball ground, cricket ground, laundrament, apollo clinic and most important of all these if you would like to take rest or sleep we have got dormitory, separate for men and women. The dormitory is special cause it has got clean bed with air conditioned dark room where one can sleep for hours. Other things in the employee care center are strand book stall which has got some of the nice books for me to read at a discounted price.

What else? I am still exploring this city though not that much but as and when I get time. The places I have visited so far are near to my living place. I plan to go to the old city sometime and visit the original places where as I have heard there are still some nizams or at-least their property.

Right now I would like to advice you not to go to the old city just like that due to the telengana issue. It’s a big issue and sometimes results in curfew in the whole city. At that time it’s hard to find good food and easy way to commute. I have seen bike number plates having TG(telengana) instead of AP(Andhra pradesh)

I was able to write this post because of my E72 and pretty good airtel GPRS connection. Laptop battery died few minutes ago and still we don’t have lights here. What a life in the city they call as cyberabad.

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  • krish
    February 28th, 2010 at 2:36 AM

    Welcome to hyd dude. :)

    You forgot to mention KFC and Subway so close within our reach for party days :P

  • deependra singh shekhawat
    February 28th, 2010 at 5:21 AM

    yeah my friend kfc and subway are few other places we have enjoyed. Very nice

  • satyaakam
    March 10th, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    everything will be fine takes it easy , you live an era/area which has just mushroomed after 2002-2003 , Shilparamam once usesd to be a picnic spot , i presume it still is but the traffic near the Hitech city makes it now a bad experience , yes lots of development work must have stopped due to TG agitations etc.. but my friend if you like the city and have some money this is the time to invest in property . will touch base once i am in city share your number …. through mail

    take care

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