Day 2 for Eucalyptus at gnuNify 2012, Pune

Day 2 started with a real good breakfast. Again thanks to the organizing team for arranging such a good breakfast. I should say I really loved the weather at Pune after staying at Jaipur for past 1 month specially when it is cold.

My prime goal for day 2 was to have the lab ready for the Eucalyptus workshop at 2:30PM. I would really like to thank every one of the volunteers part of this lab setup in helping me get ready for the workshop. We took around 5 machines and setup cluster controller, cloud controller, storage controller and walrus on one machine. Rest all machines were our node controllers.

Volunteers were pretty excited about the preparation of the lab. They helped me with small small things like getting a extra network interface card for the server, a local switch and my macbook displayport to VGA converter so I can share my screen on a HDTV. They also prepared and recorded a complete video of the workshop. I am not sure if I would be able to get it but if I do it could be really helpful for me as well as the whole community I hope.

Special thanks for Chiraj Jain and Yashodhan for helping me the setup of eucalyptus packages on the machines and Yashodhan also wrote a simple bash script to automate certain things in eucalyptus installation and configuration process.

I had around 10 registrations for the workshop and plus almost same number of volunteers eagerly waiting for the workshop to get a feel of eucalyptus. We have planned for a live setup of eucalyptus 2.0.3 on centos 5.7 x86_64 manually. It was the hard way of doing things but that brought in lot of technical insight which I shared with the audience using a whiteboard.

I think the workshop was too technical again for many of the participants and the time duration allocated for the workshop was less considering we did the whole setup during the workshop. I was asked couple of good questions and was able to answer them pretty well I hope. In the end while booting up the VM in our cloud it didn’t run and kept in pending state. It seems to be the problem with the transfer of the base image to the node but I was glad to show a running setup to the participants I had with me.

I discussed with the participants about Eucalyptus 3, the new high availability feature in Euca 3 how it is useful many ways, we discussed about eustore to upload EMIs on eucalyptus cloud, I asked them to try out faststart to get a eucalyptus cloud up and running in no time and also check out eucalyptus community cloud service.

We also discussed about cloud security, keys etc. and networking modes how they work in eucalyptus. I was able to show how to setup a MANAGED-NOVLAN mode on a HDTV which looked pretty cool.

I realized that giving a technical workshop eats up all your time , which includes setting up of the lab also. I was not able to catch up with other speakers during day 2 but Atul did a great job at that. Atul had lot of good discussions with folks from RedHat around localization initiatives and he has promised me to write a blog about it soon.

Also I hope Atul and others would be sharing photographs from the event. Till next time , keep rocking!

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