Up in the Cloud!

Cloud Computing is the future

Well for those who don’t know, since Jan 2010 I have been working on eucalyptus a open source software to setup private cloud inside organization premises.

I have seen lot of people blogging about eucalyptus specifically on Ubuntu Server edition. Well to be frank eucalyptus is a great software and it works with almost al latest linux distributions. Though I haven’t found time to test all the available linux distribution as I am stuck with work and Fedora but I have tested it on centos 5.4 and Fedora 12. Works great!

Few problems I have always faced but the IRC channel for eucalyptus on freenode as well as the online forums have been really helpful in solving my doubts.

I plan to write my experiences with eucalyptus on this blog in times to come. Besides eucalyptus creating virtual appliances in a automated way is also one of the areas I have worked on paste few weeks. This is all specific to fedora right now using boxgrinder. It is a alternative to vm-builder which ubuntu folks have got.

I am a strong support of the fedora project and love the way how the fedora community is structured and functions. Have been associated with it since the beginning (Fedora core 1).

In the end, for now, I would just like to say, cloud computing is the future and open source is the best medium we have all got to implement it.