Up in the Cloud!

Eucalyptus Faststart with AWS VPC support

In the last 2 blog posts we discussed how to configure Midokura and Eucalyptus on a single system install and stand up a AWS like private cloud with AWS VPC support. In case you missed reading those blog posts here are the links:


In this blog post we will simply discuss a very easy way to get this up and running super quickly.

Using the official eucalyptus cookbook, the midokura-cookbook for Eucalyptus and the Eucalyptus faststart shell script we achieved automation of the entire setup that includes setting up and configuring midokura (including its dependencies) and Eucalyptus configured/integrated with this midokura install.

The upstream routing is configured with static routes (no BGP) in order to keep it simple and all-in-one-box approach.

The changes to the eucalyptus cookbook are available here.

The changes to the midokura cookbook for eucalyptus are available here.

Important Note - For private network we have taken a safe default subnet i.e. and we assume this to be completely un-useable in the environment.

Now finally in order to get going you could simple run the below shell command on a CentOS 6.6 x86_64 minimal install:

bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jeevanullas/eucalyptus-cookbook/mido-one/faststart/cloud-in-a-box.sh) -u https://s3.amazonaws.com/jeevanullas-files/eucalyptus-cookbooks-4.1.1.tgz  

Note that we pass a different cookbooks URL path to the script at the moment as our changes to the eucalyptus and midokura cookbook are not implemented in the upstream.

At the end of the install (if you have chosen to install extra services) the AWS like private cloud with AWS VPC support should be up and running with an instance in default VPC by no more than 20 minutes straight.

NOTE: This is an un-supported configuration and AWS VPC support is also currently under tech-preview. You might find rough edges with the implementation, only if you are really interested in giving it a try do it. In case of trouble reach out to the euca-users google group.

We hope you like this automation and would give it a test run and share your feedback on the implementation with us.