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Fedora 13 release party in Bangalore

I am a little late on writing about the release party we had last week on Saturday, was occupied with $work.  Well it all started with the mail of Rangeen to FSUG mailing list. That time I have just come to Bangalore and thought it will be great to meet all the Fedora folks in Bangalore during such party. Venue was a big issue initially as almost all the colleges in Bangalore were having exams. But I knew my friend Saket who has been pretty active in FSMK Bangalore. I contacted him and asked him if we can organize this release party at FSMK Bangalore office. I got a positive reply and after confirmation from the FSMK folks we finalized to have it at FSMK Bangalore office on June 5th.

I personally never expected many folks to turn up because of two reasons. One been that many colleges in Bangalore were having end semester exams plus we don’t have much Fedora folks here in Bangalore. Initially we (Me, Ankur, Hiemanshu , Dipjyoti and Rangeen) had a hard time finding out the office. Point to remember GPS in India will not be accurate enough with all these narrow lanes everywhere.

Finally we found the place and till then FSMK folks also started turning up. I would like to specially mention Vignesh, Prabodh and Naveen from FSMK core team who turned up for the party and assisted with the logistics. We had few other people some friends of Rangeen , students of Prabodh’s previous college CMRIT and other FSMK members.

We started with the discussion about why people should use Linux and not Windows. I never expected to start with such discussion in a Fedora release party but I love to be part of such discussion. It was great. Many questions were thrown on us. Why Linux? Linux? Is it user friendly enough? Why would a normal user plan to switch to Linux? People there who were using Fedora for past 4 years had such questions. I respect all the points given by them.

We started answering one by one. Inputs were given by Naveen on how the current scenario is changing and government bodies across India are encouraging FOSS in schools and engineering colleges. The current projects by Knowledge Commons and MHRD were been discussed with all the participants.

Me and Rangeen told the participants about how things (hardware) works out of the box these days with Fedora. How easily if you plug a mobile broadband card you can be sure that it will work without any hassle (all thanks to the great NetworkManager). We discussed why latest hardware sometime doesn’t work on most of the Linux distributions and how things are now changing. Times have changed and we should look towards improving things instead of blaming about them (my personal opinion).

Naveen introduced us to the FSMK activities currently going on. I personally got to know lot from that and looking forward to contribute to the cause FSMK is supporting.

While the hot discussion on various topics related to Linux/Windows was going on we ordered pizza’s for all of us. I would like to mention here how happy was the pizza girl over phone that she told me to not pick her phone after few minutes. She loved my Kannada ring tone :)

Once the dust of doubts and questions settled down Ankur started giving the Fedora 13 DVD/Live CD media to all the members. We also copied ISO for others who brought USB stick. I personally got DVD 32bit ISO from Ankur. Thanks a lot Ankur because I am writing this blog post from a Fedora 13 loaded laptop  :)

After that we briefly discussed the new features in Fedora 13 among the participants and touched few special points from the release notes handouts given to them by Ankur and Rangeen

Pizzas had arrived by that time and we ate them all!! It was great having pizza and garlic bread-sticks with jalapeño. Finally we all exchanged our phone numbers and promised to stay in touch :)

Overall turn out was around 10 + we four Fedora folks (Me, Rangeen, Hiemanshu and Ankur). That was a good figure. We have now aligned ourself with the FSMK and we plan to conduct some good workshops as soon as the college re-opens in Bangalore. Fedora is going to spread everywhere in the air of Bangalore I am sure. We are looking for contributors and FSMK is also planning their strategy on the same grounds. I hope to see some good action coming in next few weeks.

Oh yes, I don’t want to miss this part. After the release party ended me and Hiemanshu planned to end up in pub (purple haze in Kormangla). Ankur and Rangeen didn’t supported us so we went there alone. Hiemanshu had I believe 2 different cocktails and me 1 pitcher of Foster’s :)

Drink beer use Fedora our motto!! Few pictures were shot by Me, Rangeen, Dipjyoti and Ankur. You can find them here: